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Transfer on Legal form Date of registration Date of cancellation UID File number
  Société anonyme 21 novembre 2014   CHE-390.666.309 19295/2014

Ref. Company name
1 Académie de langues et de commerce SA
Ref. Head office
3 Genève

Ref. Address
3 rue de Lausanne 45A-47A, 1201 Genève
Ref. Bylaws date
3 14.10.2015 (nouv. stat.)

Capital shares
Ref. Nominal Released Shares
1 CHF 100'000  CHF 50'000  100 actions de CHF 1'000, nominatives, lies selon statuts 

Ref. Goal, Observations
1 But: formations professionnelles de secrtaires, assistant(e)s de direction, assistant(e)s comptables, agent(e)s de voyages et tudes du commerce (mention marketing) (cf. statuts pour but complet). 
1 Opting-out: Selon dclaration du 19.11.2014, il est renonc un contrle restreint. 

Ref. Publication board
1 Communication aux actionnaires: lettre ou courriel 
1 Feuille Officielle Suisse du Commerce 

Ref. Number Date Date Page/Id
1 19295  21.11.2014  26.11.2014  1844337 
3 16598  19.10.2015  22.10.2015  2440685 
Ref. Number Date Date Page/Id
2 4837  23.03.2015  26.03.2015  2065581 
4 8607  29.05.2020       

Administration, review board and people having signing capability
Name and First names, Origin, Residence Functions Signature mode
Guiren Adel, d'Attalens, Tannay adm.   signature individuelle 

Publication in progress

The information above is given with no commitment and is in no way legally binding. Only the company record (extract) issued and certified by the competent Registery Office and the text published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette are binding.

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