Authentication Procedure, Gina 1.5.0

Online help for the authentication procedure - phase 2

To authenticate with the system, the phases are :

    Phase 1 :   Username and password entry.
                     Click here to read the help page of phase 1.
    Phase 2 :   Challenge code entry (SMS or vocal message depending on the configuration that you have chosen).
                     This phase is not systematic and depends on the security level required for the application you are willing to access.

You are currently at phase 2 :

Phase 2 : Entry of the challenge code received by phone

You have successfully passed phase 1, the following page is then displayed :

Depending on the configuration that you have chosen, in the seconds to come :

    • your phone will ring, and a voice will announce your challenge code.

    • you will receive the challenge code by SMS on your phone.

You must then enter the code in the text field, and click on the « Validate » button.

Error case

If you don't receive the SMS (or vocal message), close your browser and retry the whole procedure.

If the problem persists, read the section Contacting support..

Contacting support

  • If your service have an assigned IT support team, We recommend that you start by contacting that team.

  • Otherwise, you can contact the DGSI support team during working days, from  Monday to Friday 08h - 18h

                By phone at +41 (0)22 388 8888             
                By e.mail, at address :

Online help for the authentication procedure, Gina 1.5.0 - 17.11.2009