Commercial register of the canton Geneva

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Transfer on Legal form Date of registration Date of cancellation UID Federal identification number File number
  Entreprise individuelle 26 mars 1999   CHE-108.630.263 CH-660.0.582.999-5 03408/1999

Ref. Trade Name
4 Studio Enrique Pardo
Ref. Head office
1 Genève

Ref. Address
1 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 8

Ref. Goal of the company, recovery of assets and liabilities, observations
3 L'identification sous le numro CH-660-0582999-5 est remplace par le numro d'identification des entreprises (IDE/UID) CHE-108.630.263. 
4 But: atelier et graphisme, design; atelier de photographie, prise de vue et tirages; dition et ventes de livres; formation et enseignement. 

Ref. Number Date Date Page/Id
1 3408  26.03.1999  01.04.1999  2168 
3    Complment  19.12.2013  7225832 
Ref. Number Date Date Page/Id
2 6951  19.06.2003  25.06.2003  7/1051720 
4 13878  26.07.2022  29.07.2022  1005532541 

Holder and people having signing capability
Name and First names, Origin, Residence Functions Mode of signature
Pardo Enrique, de Genve, Genve titulaire   signature individuelle 

The information above is given with no commitment and is in no way legally binding. Only the company record (extract) issued and certified by the competent Registery Office and the text published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette are binding.

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